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Given your interest and expertise in cinema and gender studies, I am pleased to inform that we will be thrilled to have you aboard the GYNOCINE Project. Your contribution may consist of the following: a film review, a biography, the summary of a publication, an interview, the translation of an entry, an overview essay, etc.


You can choose between different kinds of involvement: as a Core Team Member, as an Adjunct Member, or as an Ad Hoc Collaborator of the Gynocine Project.  Team membership may change as the project moves through its development. As a participant in the Gynocine Project, you are asked to understand its purpose and objectives, and to contribute to the agreed specifications. While the Gynocine Project is not able to compensate you monetarily for your work, you will gain experience in the field, enrich your resume, and contribute to the visibility of women in film.



Core Team Member – this is a fulltime role with the project but not necessarily for its entire duration. As a Core Member, you are requested to contribute to the Gynocine Project with at least two entries per academic semester during the period you are a Core Team Member. The Core Team Member’s role can be viewed also as a project leader. In this capacity, you are responsible for identifying the necessary activities relative to your field of specialization to support the project. This may require you to provide guidance to other individuals who might collaborate in the project. Those other individuals would be considered ad hoc team members.



Ad-Hoc Member – an ad hoc role on the project. You will participate upon request.



Please read this invitation carefully and be confident that you understand its content before deciding whether/in which role to participate. If you have any questions about the project, please do not hesitate to ask me. Once you are ready, please fill out the online form.


Thank you very much!


Barbara Zecchi,

Director, Gynocine Project

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