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Por Erin K. Hogan


Nely Reguera (Barcelona 1978-) studied film direction at the Escuela Superior de Cine y Audiovisuales de Cataluña (ESCAC), making the short film Ausencias (2002) for her final project. She has worked as first assistant director on both Mar Coll’s Tres días con familia (Three Days with Family 2009) and Elena Trapé’s Blog (2010). Also in 2009, Reguera made a documentary, Muxía e ferida, about the catastrophic Prestige oil spill on the coast of Galicia and the short film Pablo, which won seven prizes. Reguera has also taught film since 2010, through the A Bao A Qu Cine en curso program and at the ESCAC. María (y los demás) (2016), set in Galicia, is Reguera’s first feature-length film. María was nominated for Goya awards for Best Actress (Bárbara Lennie) and Best Directing Debut (Nely Reguera). 

Click here for an interview with Nely Reguera.


To quote this bio-filmography, please use the reference: Hogan, Erin K. (2017): «Bio-filmography of Nely Reguera», Gynocine: A History of Women's Cinema,  Barbara Zecchi, ed.

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